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ADTRAN® NetVanta 3120 router review

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Product Review Summary

ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 is a fixed port access router. This router is designed for secure enterprise level internet access, high speed corporate connectivity etc. For concealing the private address the the router provides network address translation. The routing feature of the router includes IP routing, OSPF, BGP etc. The management features provided are command line interface such as SSH, Telnet etc and web GUI.


The router provides many security features such as URL filtering, inspection firewall for providing security over network etc for keeping the users safe on the Internet. It provides separate VLAN for each switch interface for connecting unmanaged switches. The router supports not only the static and dynamic RIP routing but also OSPF and border Gateway protocol also.

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The ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 router provides many security features like access control lists, stateful packet inspection and access control policies which are supported by the firewall. The stateful inspection will check the incoming and outgoing packets. Without any use of external server the router provides inherent URL filtering package. By permitting or denying the specific URLs the administrators can restrict the internet access for providing another level of security to the users. The WAN Ethernet interface of the router comes with the four port managed Ethernet switch. For reducing learning curve the wireless router includes recognizable command line interface. The physical interfaces provided by this router are WAN and LAN. The WAN has auto sensing 10/100 BASE T Ethernet and that for LAN a four port auto sensing 10/100 Base T full duplex Ethernet port. LEDs used are LAN, WAN, VPN, etc. The protocols used by this router include PPP, demand routing, frame relay, HDLC etc.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Fixed port Ethernet routerThe router has an integral four port Ethernet switch. This Ethernet switch will provide a 10/100 Base T Ethernet network interface which is single auto sensing and also a 10/100 Base T Ethernet LAN interface which is of four auto sensing. The router can be pr- configured also. The pre-configuration is done with the help of the analog modem which is built in for remote management or dial backup. The router will provide secure enterprise level internet access and high speed connectivity.
  • FOUR – Quality of serviceThe router includes the Quality of Service feature. The delay sensitive traffic such as video or VOIP is supported by the Quality of Service. The router uses low latency queuing, DiffServ marketing, weighted and fair queuing etc for prioritizing mission critical traffic and also for controlling congestion in network.
  • THREE – VOIP readyIt has QoS feature and a SIP ALG. The SIP ALG will make the SIP traffic to traverse NAT enabled firewalls. The interoperability will allow the IP PBXs. Phones etc to tear down, to set up, send call control messages etc using the integral NAT enable d firewall. VQM is deployed by the router for capturing jitter, mos that are essential for the troubleshooting of VOIP calls over WAN.
  • TWO – SecurityAOS will provide high performance, powerful stateful inspection firewall. The AOS will check all the incoming and outgoing packets. The users are protected from the Denial of Service attacks such as ICMP redirect, TCP syn flooding etc. The AOS will also provide URL filtering package which can be used without external server. By making use of URL filtering the administrators can restrict Internet access and can also produce reports of top websites for allowing modification of the URL filter lists.
  • ONE –  InterfacesThe router has two interfaces, viz. LAN interface and private interface. LAN interface is also known as public interface. The connections which are common to cables such as PPPoE or ISPs are common to DSL connections also which all are supported by the Ethernet connection. The client for DynDNS.org in the router is for keeping the public IP address which is dynamic pointed to a domain name. The private interface is VLAN1. In VLAN interface VLANs and their addresses are added on the router.

ADTRAN NetVanta 3120 is a modular access router which will deliver cost effective Internet access and branch office connectivity over point to point network. This router provides four port Ethernet switch and many security features, including stateful inspection firewall.

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