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Cisco® 2500 Router Review

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Product Review Summary

Cisco 2500 Router is token ring router from Cisco. The router uses Ethernet connectivity. The router features networking capabilities and with communication mode of full duplex. Cisco 2500 Router helps in the DHCP support in the connection. Some of the other features of the router are its design that is compact in nature as well as efficient supply of power.


Cisco 2500 Router is an Ethernet and token ring router that provide extensive solution for office purposes as well as home networks. The ports for Ethernet can be used for consoles in games and devices of media player. The ports can ensure wire connection for the computers that are in the network.

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Cisco 2500 Router is a modular type of router that is a rack-mountable device. The device uses data link protocol for Ethernet connectivity and frame relay. The transfer rate of data by Cisco 2500 Router is 16 Mbps. Cisco 2500 Router uses remote management protocol such as Telnet and SNMP. The standards supported by Cisco 2500 Router are 802.5 as well as 802.3. The router consists of a compatible processor. The processor it uses is Motorola 68030 at the rate of 20 MHz and a flash memory of 8 MB. The operating system provided by Cisco 2500 Router is Cisco IOS. The limited warranty period of Cisco 2500 Router is of three years. The router consists of a power device that has an operational consumption of power of 40 Watts.

Here is a review of the Top 5 features of this product:
  • FIVE – Connectivity

    Cisco 2500 Router consists of different interfaces that are of serial, Ethernet and token ring connectivity. The router has two serial interfaces that are synchronous in nature with 60 pin of D sub, one Ethernet of AUI with 15 pin D sub and a token ring of 9 pin with D sub. The router also has a console interface an auxiliary interface used for its management in the connectivity.

  • FOUR – Networking

    Cisco 2500 Router supports wired connectivity extensively for the data transfer of about 16 Mbps in the network. The router is mainly a networking type of router. Cisco 2500 Router has a network protocol that is TCP/IP protocol and supports full duplex capability. The protocols used for remote management in the network are Telnet as well as SMTP. The router consists of indicators for network status such as power, status and so on.

  • THREE – Protocols

    Cisco 2500 Router uses different protocols for the purpose of routing. Some of the protocols used by the router are Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Routing Information Protocol (RIP), VPN Pass-through protocol, NetBEUI protocol, DHCP protocol, and PPP protocol. The router also supports other protocols like Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (IGRP) and Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) that is prior to TCP/IP.

  • TWO – Media and processor

    Cisco 2500 Router helps the users in media with effective data transfer. The router consists of cables for external purposes. The router has a network adapter, serial cable as well as serial adapter the purposes in media handling. The router also consists of a processor of Motorola 68030 type that is executed and supported at the rate of 20 MHz.

  • ONE –  Simple design

    Cisco 2500 Router is simple at design with its compact nature. The router is sleek in style and is easy to handle by anyone. The dimensions of the Cisco 2500 Router are 17.5â€Â of width, 10.6â€Â of depth and 1.7â€Â of height. The device weighs about 9.9 lbs and can be placed at a place in the network of computers.

Cisco 2500 Router is very useful for the networking purposes. With the different types of protocols used by it, the router can be used for effective purposes of routing in the network.

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