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Port Forwarding On D-Link® Router

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What is the method to enable port forwarding on D-Link router?

Each device on the web has at least one IP address. The IP address is a number that is used to categorize a device. Each IP address is separated into numerous ports. When one PC sends data to another one, it sends it from a port on an IP address to another port. A port can only be employed by one program at a time. Prior to knowing more about port forwarding it is vital to know about NAT as well. Actually, NAT is an acronym for Network Address Translation. NAT takes one IP address and basically splits it into numerous IP addresses. Luckily, NAT takes care of the majority of the work for us. There are a number of programs that NAT was not designed to work with, those are the programs we have to set up port forwarding for.

Basic concepts to be dealt with before port forwarding are mentioned below:
  • Port forwarding
  • Enabling port forwarding feature on D-Link router
  • D-Link port forwarding set-up
  • Port forwarding

    When a PC on the web sends data to the external IP address of the router, the router requires knowing what to do with the data. Port forwarding merely informs the router which PC on the local area network to send the data to. In fact, when you have port forwarding rules set up, your router takes the data off of the external IP address-port number and sends that data to an internal IP address-port number. You have to know that the port forwarding rules are created per port. So, when there is a rule set-up for port 53, it will only work for port 53. Keep in mind that port forwarding rules will only work for one computer at a time.

    Enabling port forwarding feature on D-Link router

    In order to enable port forwarding, first open your web browser and type the IP Address of the router in the address window and then enter username (admin) and your password. After that click on ‘Advanced’ on top and then click on the ‘Virtual Server’ on the left side. Now you have to check the ‘Enabled’ button in order to activate this entry and create a characteristic name for your new virtual server entry. Then in the Private IP box, you must enter the IP address of the PC on your local network that you want the incoming service to access. Go for the correct Protocol Type – either TCP, UDP, or both and in case if you are not sure, choose both. Now enter the port information next to Private Port and Public Port and feed the scheduling information. You have to choose ‘Always’ unless you would like to restrict access by time of day or day of the week and finally click the green ‘Apply’ button and continue tab.

    D-Link port forwarding set-up

    D-Link port forwarding, which is also known as virtual server, permits you to configure inbound web connections to your router to be routed to specific devices on the network. In the context of CCTV cameras and surveillance systems, your router is configured to promote requests to your surveillance DVR or openly to IP cameras. The IP address that your router allots to your DVR is an internal IP address (LAN) that usually can not be accessed from outside of your local network. This is why port forwarding set-up is required.

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