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Acquiring Network Address error message

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Learn about the issue when a system shows Acquiring Network Address error message. Also, know about its possible causes and get tips to fix it

In order to identify your system on the Internet, it must have a network address. Once you have acquired a network address on the Internet, then you can access the Internet. This is a unique identifier which will help you to access the Internet and allow you to identify all the computers on the network. It allows the communication between the computers and data sharing. The address contains 4 bytes that is named as IP address. This unique identifying code helps to identify the right destination. The network address is used to crack identity theft and online crime. You can easily acquire network address and it is very useful for accessing the Internet. Sometimes your computer might experience acquiring network address error message, while connecting with the network. There are some troubleshooting methods that will help you to resolve the issue.

The following explains about the issue when a system shows Acquiring Network Address error message, its possible causes and tips to fix such issues:

  • Causes
  • IP renewal
  • Driver error


Your computer might receive Acquiring Network Address error messages due to different reasons. The computer will show this error message, if the network status icon is not indicating correctly. Even if your computer has acquired a network address, there are chances of getting this error message. The missing, corrupted or damaged network card driver will also lead to this error massages.

IP renewal

You can resolve this issue by renewing the network address. Before doing this process, you have to identify the network status. You can use IPConfig tool to observe network configuration. You can also use command prompt to identify network configuration. While you check the configuration, you might get the IP address as Once you have observed the network configurations, then you can configure it. Then you can easily renew the IPConfig to fix the issue.

Driver error

One of the most common reasons of this error message is corrupted driver. The network card driver is used to acquire and develop a network connection. Your computer will show this error message, when the network card is experiencing error problem. There are chances of getting network card driver damaged or corrupted. You can resolve this issue by removing this corrupted network card driver. Then you have to install a new network card driver. You can also fix the issue by upgrading network card driver.

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