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Tips to fix IP conflict on Windows® XP

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What are the reasons due to which an IP conflict occurs on Windows XP? Get tips to fix it

Windows XP operating system is one of the most simple and reliable operating systems available now. Windows XP operating system offers several features to the make its functioning simple. IP address otherwise Internet Protocol address is a 4 octets (32 bit) address. IP addresses are used to identify your Windows XP system, switch, router or other network device in your network or Internet. Internet Protocol Version 4 is called IPv4. You can assign the IP address to your network card to enable your system to communicate with other devices. Any issues with the IP address will result in IP address conflicts. If you assign the same IP address for two computers over a network then it will result in IP address conflicts. Any problem with DHCP server also results in IP address conflicts.

Different reasons for IP address conflicts in Windows XP and some method to resolve the issues are explained below:

  • Possible reasons
  • Renew & reconfigure IP address
  • Use DHCP and update firmware

Possible reasons

Sometimes your Windows XP system may result in some IP conflicts. The possible reason for Windows XP IP conflicts is due to the sharing of same IP address by two computers on the same LAN network. In this situation you cannot connect to network resources or cannot perform other network operation. In some cases if your Windows XP static IP address falls into the DHCP server for local network and the same address is assigned to another computer by the DHCP server then also it might result in IP conflict.

Renew & reconfigure IP address

One method to resolve the Windows XP IP address conflicts is by renewing your IP address. Using Command Prompt you can renew and release the IP address for you Windows XP system. Another option is reconfiguring your static IP address. If your Windows XP system is using a static IP address then try to use a different IP address on the same subnet. You can check the selected IP address to make sure that it is not in use by simply pinging the IP address.

Use DHCP and update firmware

If you are using static IP address, then the best method is choosing DHCP instead of manually configuring the IP address for your Windows XP system. The advantage of using DHCP is that the server knows which addresses are free and which have been assigned. If your DHCP server is not working properly then it will assign same IP address for more than one computer. In this situation we can update the firmware of our router with a compatible one.

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