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Connecting Hub to Router

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What is a Hub? How to connect hub to a router?

A hub is form of repeater device used for connecting multiple Ethernet devices by means of twisted pair or coaxial cable to integrate them as a single network. It is form of multi-port repeater that works at the physical layer of OSI model. It does not process the data passing through it and is not aware of their source or destination. A hub simply receives incoming Ethernet frames, regenerates the electrical signal, and broadcasts these packets out to all other devices on the network. Most hubs detect typical problems such as excessive collisions and jabbering on individual ports, partition the port and disconnecting it from the shared medium. Thus, hub-based Ethernet is generally more robust than coaxial cable-based Ethernet, where a faulty device can adversely affect the entire collision domain. Most of the hub can detect problems like Collision and Jabbering that makes Ethernet hub more robust than the coaxial cable based Ethernet.

Folowing are the methods for connecting hub to a router.:

  • Running Wireless Router or Access Point wizard
  • Wireless Local Area Network connection
  • Infrared communication method

Running Wireless Router or Access Point wizard

This is the method of running wireless router or access point wizard on the computer attached to the router. It helps in connecting the router with the hub without any physical connection. The procedure to set-up a Wireless Router or Access Point is by clicking ‘Start’ button, ‘Control Panel’, ‘Network and Internet’, and then ‘Network and Sharing Center’. In the left pane, click ‘Set-up a connection or network’, and then click ‘Set-up a wireless router or access point’.

Wireless Local Area Network connection

This is the method of connecting a wireless modem with an Ethernet hub by means of wireless local area network. It makes use of high frequency radio waves similar to digital cellular technology and low frequency radio waves. Wireless Local Area network uses technology of spread spectrum to enable communication between multiple devices in a limited area. Thus, a wireless connection between the hub and modem is established.

Infrared communication method

It is the method used for setting a connection within a small distance of less than ten meters. It makes use of infrared transceivers for the transmission and reception of signals for communication. The infrared transmitter and receiver have to in-line of contact and there should not be any hindrance between the lines of contact for the smooth communication between the transceivers.

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