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Tips to fix conflicts with the IP address on a wireless network

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What is an IP Address? How could you fix common conflicts with the IP Address on a wireless network?

IP address is an identifier for a computer or device on a TCP/IP network. Networks using the TCP/IP protocol for routing messages are based on the IP address of the destination. You may face many IP conflict errors like “There is an IP address conflict with another system on the network”, “This IP address is already in use on the network”, and Please reconfigure a different IP address”, etc. in your system. This occurs when two computers on the same LAN network end up having the same IP address. When this occurs, both computers end up in being unable to connect to network resources. Also, this may arise if two computers are assigned the same static IP addresses or one computer is assigned a static IP address that falls in the DHCP range for the local network and the same address is assigned to a computer by the DHCP server or if you have multiple network adapters etc.

Given below are the tips to fix common conflicts with the IP address on a wireless network:

  • Renew IP address
  • Change IP address
  • Update firmware

Renew IP address

By renewing IP address you could easily resolve the IP address conflict on wireless network. In order to renew the IP address you need to press the ‘Start’ button and select ‘Control Panel’. After selecting Network Connections from Control Panel window you need to right click on ‘Local Area Connection’ and choose ‘Properties’. On the General tab, you need to scroll down and select ‘Internet Protocol’ (TCP/IP) and highlight it. Then click on ‘Properties’. Then you need to make sure that both ‘Obtain an IP address automatically’ and ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ are selected. Then you need to try to renew your IP address and see if you can connect to the Internet or network.

Change IP address

One method to resolve IP address conflicts is that you need to change the IP address. In order to change the IP address you could use built-in utility in Windows called ‘Netsh’, locally or remotely. In order to run this tool you need to select the ‘Run’ option from Start and type ‘cmd’ in Run textbox. When the command prompt comes up, type ‘Netsh’. Now you should be ready to execute commands. In order to display TCP/IP network settings you need to type ‘interface ip show config’. You could take the help of technicians to change the IP address for your system.

Update firmware

If you don’t require applying a static IP address, you need to select DHCP instead of manually configuring the IP address. The server will know which addresses are free and which are taken. In some exceptional case, the genuine DHCP server can malfunction and allocate more than one PC the same IP. In this case, it is best to attempt and update the firmware on your router.

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